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Throughout Quebec, our team of buyers comes to your home to make life easier for you.

Right in front of you, at your kitchen table or counter, our buyer will assess the value of your jewelry using equipment that’s relatively simple: a magnifying loupe and a stone on which he or she will rub the jewelry to have it react with a liquid that determines its purity (10,14,18,22 or 24 karat). His or her expert eye and experience will ensure that you receive quality service.

Various factors contribute to fluctuation in its price: changes in stock remaining in global bank reserves and the state of mining reserves themselves, demand from various countries for use in electronics, electricity, and goldsmithing, production volumes and cost, speculations on the market based on monetary uncertainties, etc.

Bijoux LK offers you service that is personalized, professional and safe.

  • You meet with a real person who can answer all of your questions.
  • You witness the appraisal of your jewelry.
  • You can share your memories, your concerns and your plans.
  • You receive your money in cash immediately.
  • You remain in the comfort of your own home, no need to go anywhere.
  • You can put a face to the company that is buying your gold.


Our representatives are honest professionals who have your interests in mind

Based on the values of fairness and the sharing of wealth, the mission of Bijoux LK is to get you the best price in exchange for your gold. Since we know our market well, we make it a point of honour to provide our customers with courteous, safe, transparent and professional service.

We also understand that the decision to sell your old jewelry is not always easy to make and that there are many memories attached to them. That is why we believe it’s better to come to your house, in person, than to suggest that you sell your gold by mail. We feel that it’s more reassuring to meet the person to whom we entrust our jewelry.

Our buyers will give you and your object the consideration and respect you deserve at each and every visit. We take the time necessary with you to properly assess the value of your gold and give you a proper invoice when you receive your cash. Feel free and comfortable to ask any questions at any time; our buyers will be happy to explain our process to you.


We offer you the best price on the market

We always base our offers on actual market prices. As gold price subscribers, we are kept abreast of the most recent price variations on the world markets. As specialists, we guarantee you the best prices.

Did you know that you too can monitor the price of gold directly? Accessible via the Internet, the information is available to everyone on numerous websites, you just have to type « gold price » into a search engine.


We accept all styles of gold jewelry

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, pendants, earrings, gold teeth, etc. Bijoux LK accepts all types of gold jewelry (10,14,18, 22 and 24 karat).

Since the gold will be melted down into ingots, your jewelry doesn’t need to look pretty or polished. Tired, worn jewelry is accepted with no problem. A ring adorned with a stone or pearl will also be accepted. On request, the buyer will carefully remove the stone or pearl and give it back to you on the spot. We only collect 10 to 24-karat gold.


We pay you immediately, in cash

Once we have appraised your gold, we will hand over the cash to you, together with an invoice that we sign with you. There’s no need to wait for your envelope to be mailed back to you, no risk in sending your gold or money, no cheque…Just cash, an actual representative in the flesh and an invoice providing a record of the transaction.

Simple, efficient, reassuring.