What we do with your jewelry


your jewelry


All jewelry purchased is melted down to make ingots.

Ingots are traded and sold on the market, not jewelry. So no one will wear your jewelry after you sell it because it will be turned into ingots along with other jewelry and gold objects.

We melt down the gold pieces ourselves into ingots by karat groups, 10, 14, 18, 22 or 24 karats. Stones are removed and given back to the customer on demand, on site only. Therefore, you are able to keep your gemstones and who knows, you could eventually design a new piece of jewelry using the same stone.

Once all the jewelry has been melted down and transformed into ingots, it is sold on the stock exchange.

Four easy steps!

  1. – Purchase jewelry
  2. – Melt jewelry down according to number of karats
  3. – Transformation into ingots
  4. – Sell on global stock exchanges