Safety issues



rest assured!

Who will visit me?

One of our buyers will come to your house at the time of your appointment. You will get his or her name and contact information when

you book an appointment by phone at 819-364-2578..

What time?

Buyers from Bijoux LK come to your house by appointment. So you are able to decide what time is the best for you with our customer service department when you book the appointment.

Can I see some ID?

Of course! Moreover, we recommend that you ask for ID from any stranger who comes to your house and wants to do business with you (exchange an asset – such as jewelry – for cash).

Can I know in advance who is coming to see me?

Of course. When you book your appointment over the phone, you will be told the name of the buyer who will come to your home and his or her telephone number. You can also visit our About us section to find out more about us and our staff.

How do I know I’m being told the truth?

If you need to, you can monitor the price of gold online at many websites. The information is relatively easy to find. Also, you can ask a family member or friend to attend the meeting with you to make you feel secure and reassure you. Nonetheless, if at any time, for any reason at all, you feel the need to end the meeting, you can ask our buyer to leave your home. At Bijoux LK, we build a relationship of trust with our customers and we use a respect-based approach.

Is there any legal history I should know about?

No: None of our staff members have any conviction records. At Bijoux LK, we have
« zero tolerance » for breaking the law.

Is Bijoux LK a serious, established company?

Founded by an experienced antique dealer and a special educator, Bijoux LK is a young company based on putting human values first. In a market like the gold market, you can’t be too careful and Bijoux LK just wants to provide an honest, accessible and courteous solution to individuals selling gold jewelry.

Is this legal?

Yes, rest assured. Our approach is completely aboveboard and we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, we collaborate with the Sureté du Québec on a regular basis to promote honest trade and report wrongdoers.