How it works?


it works?

Nothing could be easier!

Selling your gold to Bijoux LK in exchange for cash is simple, rapid, rewarding and safe.

Here are the 10 easy steps to selling gold to Bijoux LK:

  1. – Book an appointment over the phone
  2. – Meet with a professional in your home
  3. – Sorting of jewelry from costume pieces in front of you
  4. – Separation of jewelry into 10, 14, 18, 22 and 24 karat pieces
  5. – Gold purity tests (karats) in case of uncertainty using effective procedures
  6. – Calculation of weight in grams using a digital scale
  7. – Gram price of gold according to karat determined using gold prices of world markets
  8. – Appraisal of gold value of each lot
  9. – Immediate cash payment
  10. – Creation of a legal purchase invoice


Thanks to our simple, personalized method, we can carry out the entire process on the spot, in front of you, ensuring that you don’t get any nasty surprises!

What’s more, payment is made immediately and in cash. There’s no wait time! Once the transaction has been made, it’s up to you to use your money to pamper yourself or your loved ones, pay off debt, save, pay for a luxury such as a trip or new jewelry, donate to your favourite charity for a cause dear to your heart, etc.


I did business with Martin and his wife a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see just how easy and…profitable…it was! Also, I was able to give the team the history of my ring, which allowed me to turn the page. My ring wasn’t going to just disappear into the hands of strangers; its history would be heard.

Sylvianne Hébert, Trois-Rivières, Québec

I’ve always been afraid to sell my gold jewelry with the companies that advertise. Sending my valuables through the mail seemed risky and complicated to me. With Bijoux LK, it was really easy! I made an appointment with a lovely lady over the phone, then a representative came to my house in no time at all. I had my money the same day. I bought myself a new piece of jewelry to my own taste!

Micheline Legault, Québec, Québec

A representative came to my house last month and I got nearly $500 for my deceased wife’s old jewelry. Thanks to her jewelry, I was able to finally give her a decent resting place. Bijoux LK is an easy service and, frankly, not at all risky like I thought. On the contrary, I felt supported during the process. Even though I was selling the jewelry that had seen us grow old together…

Bertrand Rochon, Ste-Hyppolite, Québec